WebinarAdministrator Pro is a Joomla extension, so you need to have a website built on Joomla CMS to use the extension. Please look at Joomla! Technical Requirements website to see technial requirements your hosting has to meet. Latest version of WebinarAdministrator Pro only works with with Joomla 3.9.0+.

Besides generic requirements for a Joomla website, WebinarAdministrator Pro also requires some additional tools below:

  • PHP 5.4.x+. If your site is running on older version of PHP, please contact your hosting provider, ask them to change settings for your hosting account to use PHP 5.4.0+ (PHP 7.x is recommended).
  • New browsers enforce security when sharing video and audio so your site should have an SSL certificate installed. Without an SSL certificate, WebinarAdministrator Pro still works well, however, in this case, users cannot share audio and video.
  • Web conferencing systems (BigBlueButton, Jitsi Meet, OpenMeetings) have its own requeriments like ports open. You have to check if your hosting meets this requeriments too. (Most of them use port 80. All hostings, even shared hosting, allow port 80)